Overcome the fear of failure to succeed

The fear of failure: 01 tip to avoid the trap


We fail because we don't even try! If there is one obvious thing, it is that our heads are full of dreams. But at the end of the day (for those who take the time to look at themselves in the rearview mirror), we often stayed at the dream stage! You know why ? This is because the weight and size of our dreams usually scares us so much that we don't even dare to act to start the process. What do we have to do? We talk about it in this little post.

Fear of failure: source of inaction

The mentality of those among us who are successful shows us a sure way out of this “desert of actions”. And you will see this strength of character as much in the good lady who runs her shop in the neighborhood or the farmer who cultivates hectares with his hoe, as in the start-ups or the seasoned politician. These are not afraid to try. They are not afraid to try and fail. They are not afraid to fail and start again. They are not afraid of their fear of not getting there. They are aware that failure is an important step in the process of success.

Fear of failure keeps you away from success
Fear of failure keeps you away from success

Fear of failure gives you daring

It is therefore a question of tapping into this fear of failure, the audacity to make "one's mistakes", and force to assume them. But unfortunately not everyone can do it. You know why ? It's very simple. You have to be humble enough to recognize your limits, your mistakes and restart the system with the new benchmarks. Of course, life does not have a manual. But if there is one thing that is repeated about those who are successful in their existence (whatever the field), it is that they are always in action no matter what.

So what about you, are you going to accept to make mistakes, accept them, correct them and move on? As far as we are concerned, the question is quickly answered.

The fear of failing must be fuel for all young entrepreneurs or not. But it will still be necessary to channel it and recognize its own limits. It is a long internal process that we will all have to tame on a daily basis. Take a small step every day and always be in action. We trust that this little post has been useful to you. Leave us your other success tips in the comments.

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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