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Covid-19: 5 social challenges facing African states


The world has been facing an unprecedented health crisis for a year. The Covid-19 caught the world off guard. Many states found themselves unable to cope with the crisis early on. Western nations were the first to see with dismay that they were not prepared for this type of situation. All eyes have naturally turned to Africa. Analysts around the world suddenly felt it necessary to warn Africa of the slaughter that awaited it. And yet, from Cairo to Cape Town, Africa is still resisting. However, its populations could not escape the repercussions of Covid-19 on their daily lives. Here are 5 social challenges facing African states.

Covid-19 and pauperization
Covid-19 and pauperization


While the economic performance of some countries seems to be positive, it is hardly felt in society. The coronavirus has caused a slowdown in economic activity on the continent. Nigeria and South Africa, which mainly support the African economy, have been largely affected by the pandemic. This is due to a reduction in their share in world trade. The prices of raw materials, including oil, having experienced significant declines, the populations of countries whose economy survives thanks to black gold have experienced a drop in their purchasing power.

The immediate consequence is a surge in the prices of products constituting the basic food of the populations. African states as a whole will have to find solutions to this precarious situation facing their citizens.

The popular uprising

In sub-Saharan Africa, the good economic results of certain nations suggest that a tiny part of the population arrogates wealth to the detriment of the other. As a direct consequence of the impoverishment of the population, an insurrection could arise if the States do not decide to proceed with a fair distribution of wealth. A climate of economic gloom followed by a feeling of oppression on the part of the leaders could exasperate the populations.

An idea that comes up more and more is that of a universal income. The latter consists of a periodic payment of a sum of money to the populations. This fixed sum would be paid without any conditions. It would allow them to meet their basic needs.


The juvenile layer is the one that finds itself more exposed to the consequences of the crisis. Africa is a young continent and this youth who constitute the future of the continent needs quality education.

Education remains a challenge with Covid-1

In normal times, this education is constantly questioned for its inadequacy with the real needs of the job market. In times of crisis, even this once criticized education is no longer fully guaranteed. If the schoolchildren and pupils manage to follow their lessons with a small staff and with respect for the rules of hygiene, the students themselves seem to be neglected.

With amphitheatres packed in normal times, it is complex to give lessons with the Covid-19 crisis. States advocate online courses as the only solution. It would have been easier if internet coverage were equal for everyone. It is also necessary to note the cost of the Internet connection in Africa which is often ten times more expensive in certain regions than in the rest of the world. According to a world economic forum report, the cost of a gigabyte in Zimbabwe is 290 times more expensive than in India.


Unemployment is another challenge facing most African states. Compliance with hygiene rules has prompted some companies to downsize. Many people found themselves without work. The many graduates of the year 2020 have had more difficulty finding paid internships and employment opportunities. The crisis has led companies to bankruptcy, especially those in the tourism, travel and events sectors.

Social coverage

One of the most obvious ways to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on society is social coverage. African states will have to make efforts to provide their populations with adequate social protection. It would also be wise to take social measures and provide a fund for health emergencies.

In this article, we have zoomed in on 5 major social challenges facing African states due to Covid-19. Efforts are already being made to respond appropriately to some of these challenges. Africa has succeeded in thwarting the morbid prognoses and in maintaining a relatively stable economy. However, African states as a whole need to place more emphasis on the social and return to human beings their rightful place in the quest for development. Was this article helpful to you? Let us know in the comments and share it in your networks to support us. Stay connected to our news to discover other very interesting articles.

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