Inaction: 04 irrefutable proofs of its harmfulness


Inaction is defined as the lack of action or the absence of action. Reading the title of this article, many might wonder whether inaction really kills. Sorry to surprise you, but yes! Inaction kills and it kills for real. If so, but how? Let's take a look at 04 important reasons why inaction can be fatal for the person who cares about it.

Man needs to act. However, if to act without thinking is not to act but to agitate, to think without acting is not to live, but to vegetate.

Pierre Reverdy

Ruined health

Inaction is the source of many diseases
Inaction is the source of many diseases

To live in good shape and health for a long time, the regular practice of a physical or sports activity is not only important but essential. This practice is recognized and proven as an essential act in the prevention and treatment of many high-risk diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, etc. It is therefore clear that the more you cultivate a sedentary lifestyle where physical activity is practically non-existent, the less you are protected against these nasty pathologies which would undoubtedly shorten your life expectancy. Fellow readers, don't forget, above all, health!

Permanent stress

Strong correlation between inaction and stress

Most of the stress people experience doesn't come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.


Stress is a common situation in everyday life and can affect everyone. In addition, inaction is a great source of stress. The latter arises when you know what you should be doing and you don't. Whether it is a laundry, a dish, a homework assignment, this report to write that is lying around, each of these tasks to do will bring you a bit of stress that will not disappear until the need to perform them is erased. not. And once again, your inaction will keep you in a pitiful state of stress. And as you can imagine, excess stress can be fatal.

Zero productivity

Inaction kills your productivity

“Productivity” refers to “ productive character of a thing or an activity ”, which is therefore lucrative or profitable. It is an index often associated with the factors of "value" and "time". Not being productive in relation to your professional or personal demands is as dangerous as driving a car at more than 100Km / h on a road without brakes. Leibniz said: Man must act as much as possible, because he must exist as much as possible and existence is essentially action.

Fail mode enabled

One of the major ingredients that lead to success in anything is action. It is an essential key to success. Notice for example when you are a student and you have to produce good homework in order to get good grades to be successful and you don't or you are an employee refusing to make efforts to progress in your skills in order to bring more value to the company, it is very obvious that you will soon find yourself out of the loop thanks to what: your Inaction.

As Arnold H. Glasgow says: “Success is simple: do the right thing, the right way, when it’s right. Conversely, inaction is revealed as a source of failure.

One small action can make all the difference

Action does not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.


Inaction is not without results, it's up to you to see what you need. And since the key to any improvement is action, the step forward is decisive. It is therefore better to make a mistake when taking action than not to want to make a mistake by letting yourself be carried away by inaction. Share this article in your networks. Also leave us your appreciations in the comments and do not miss stay connected to our news.

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