E-reputation: 04 things young internet users should know.

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The e-reputation also called web reputation is the reputation or the majority opinion that the web returns about a natural person or a legal person such as a brand, a company, etc. In a world that has become a global village thanks to the web, e-reputation is a standard that should not be neglected these days. However, it is still a fairly commonplace concept among Internet users and especially among the ranks of young Internet users. Here are four (04) things you absolutely need to know about online reputation.

e-reputation: major source of information

In the digital age, one of the most banal actions that we do when we need information on a company in which we would like to apply or an individual with whom we would like to collaborate is to do a simple search via a search engine or a social network. A simple Curriculum Vitae is no longer enough. As a result, the so-called “private” content of a person on Facebook, for example, can make him miss a job if the latter has the habit of exposing everything that comes to his mind on the internet.

Digital Image> Real Image

Online reputation has a huge impact these days. We easily trust the information we find on the web. Good or bad visibility on the internet is felt on the sales and reliability afforded by the various people involved.

Elon Musk smoking a Cannabis joint on the PowerfulJRE set.

Billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk saw his company's stock drop 9 % on the stock market after smoking a cannabis joint live while recording a podcast on September 07, 2018 despite having well clarified that he is not a regular smoker. This is undoubtedly why Warren Buffet said: " It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it ". So be careful and be your image.

An essential parameter to protect and treat

Please your e-reputation
Please your E-reputation

Regularly typing your name into a search engine will allow you to understand your digital reputation on the web and also often check the content available about you on the web. Other tools like My presence on the web implementation by Google also contribute to this watch. Its purpose is to facilitate the control of the online identity of Internet users. This exercise will allow you to take care of your digital image, to intervene for its protection against Internet criminals or even to carve your digital image as you wish by feeding your social networks with good content.

Caution ⛔ Internet has memory

As you can imagine, the internet forgets nothing, nothing. From the least insignificant of your clicks to the most significant, the internet memorizes all your actions and actions thanks to the various servers. Thus, photos, videos, searches, messages, documents, personal or even intimate information; from the most recent to the oldest, all can be perfectly found, even sometimes after deletion of this data by the Internet user. So select carefully what you leave on the internet.

Extract from the clause of definitive deletion of a Facebook account in force

The e-reputation corresponds to the set of characteristics attributed to a person influencing his behavior and his relations on the web and therefore on social networks in particular. It is increasingly used as a privileged source of information to verify, control or even monitor the digital image of individuals, companies, etc. Neglecting its visibility on the internet nowadays is therefore not without risk, because on the web, your privacy is equal to your public life. Share this article in your networks. Also leave us your appreciations in the comments and do not miss to stay connected to our news.

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Electrician student with a professional license in Electrical and Computer Engineering. About twenty years old and of Beninese origin, he is passionate about leadership, cybersecurity and general culture.

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