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Entrepreneurship in Benin: 4 areas of activity not to be overlooked


If you are looking to start a business in Benin, it is important to know the most promising fields of activity in order to make a better investment. This strategy also allows you to get an idea of the most influential sectors on the country's economy. Here are a few areas where you could invest and be sure to make a profit. Good reading !

Entrepreneurship in Benin: pineapple, an important lever

Entrepreneurship in Benin in Agribusiness

Benin is today a major cashew producer and alone exports about 3 % of nuts available on the world market. As an investor, you can orient yourself towards making wine and juices from this fruit.

In addition, the country produces around 400,000 tonnes of pineapple each year and this production meets international standards. If you are going to invest in such an area then you will have nothing to lose. Since the transformation ofpineapple Beninese offers you several options such as pineapple juice, pineapple jam or dried pineapple. You can export the finished product to the international market or the regional market which is also expanding rapidly. So for any investment in this country, you must necessarily take into account this flagship business sector.


Entrepreneurship in Benin in real estate

Having his own house is the wish of all Beninese, regardless of the field in which he works. Thus, you can choose to invest in the construction sector since it is also in full expansion. As proof, the construction of buildings and the execution of public works in the country are in progress. increase of approximately 3.9 %. This percentage also relates to the development of activities in the various companies that exploit Benin limestone for the manufacture of cement.

When the supply of local cement is lower than the demand, you can resort to importation which has increased in recent years due to the multiple construction works instituted by the government and real estate companies. By investing in this sector, you are sure to make a profit, but on condition that you have a good governance strategy. 


Entrepreneurship in Benin: tourism

This is one of the sectors that the current government is trying to promote through the various construction sites and the redevelopment of several historic sites in the country. Tourism in Benin is still little known by the general public. As proof, the lakeside village of Ganvié is not well known enough and the two national parks which are visited by only a few thousand tourists each year. However, Benin's tourism sector now contributes to about 2.5 % of GDP.

A statistic that would not be reached if the government had not undertaken these numerous works in this sector. In addition, this figure proves that the Benin destination is starting to interest more people. Those who have already had the chance to know the country say they are satisfied with what they have seen but are asking for a little more tourist agencies and hotel complexes. To fill this need as an investor, you then know what you have to do in order to participate in the promotion of the Destination Benin.


Entrepreneurship in Benin: the energy sector
Entrepreneurship in Benin: the energy sector

This sector of activity is booming since Benin like several countries in Africa suffers from an energy deficit. Power outages have become commonplace in many cities across the country. It is therefore important to find alternatives to fill this gap. Renewable energy is a way out that you can take into account as an investor. You can choose for example to invest in solar energy production since the country enjoys more than 300 sunny days each year. Despite this resource, several rural areas continue to lack electricity.

Entrepreneurship and investing in Benin is full of many comparative advantages. In addition to social stability and the existence of a skilled workforce in many areas, investment niches with high added value are numerous. In this article, we have presented four of them. Get started now in one of these areas for your financial independence. Share this article in your networks. Also leave us your appreciations in the comments and do not miss stay connected to our news.

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.


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    12 January 2022

    Merci à vous

  2. Jose Herbert
    22 December 2021

    Merci beaucoup cher Laureano pour cet article qui rend compte effectivement des secteurs clés.
    Il y a quelques mois, j’avais écrit ceci sur les secteurs porteurs pour les investissements au Bénin ( qui me semble complémentaire.
    Bonne lecture !

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