Sell well to succeed in life

3 tips to sell your assets and succeed in life

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Succeeding in life is increasingly becoming an almost vital need. A few days ago, in our last publication, we discussed the importance of understanding the perpetual market that is life. If we have to align ourselves with the law of supply and demand, we should even better refine our offer and sell our talents well. We will then zoom in on the issue today. How to stand out through excellent marketing of yourself and your talents?

Succeed in life: don't hide anymore

The lamp on or under the bushel?

Keep your flame alive to succeed in life
Keep your flame alive for success in life

A lamp cannot be put under a bushel. It wouldn't do any good that way. How many people know that you can do this or that task? Do other (potential buyers) know the form, content and quality of your capital gains? Advertise yourself. Since you don't know when the buyer will look at you. The right opportunity comes with the right preparation. Do you know the story of this young maintenance agent who becomes a technical executive in a large company overnight? Let's take a break. We make it short for you.

A little story

Certainly a graduate, our youngster did not hesitate to seize the first opportunity to earn money (a quality to cultivate!) And succeed in life. One of those nights he was cleaning the boss's office. This one was in all its forms. His main working tool (his computer) would betray him and make him lose the work of several months, despite the multiple expertise of his computer scientist. Imagine his mood. Those who have been on the verge of losing super important data will know this.

Our youngster politely asked the boss that he could take a look and fix his problem. You can imagine the astonishment of the boss (the buyer of our example). But he allowed the youngster to "sell himself". In a few hours of sharp work, the young graduate in computer engineering had sold his services (where no one expected him) and made his publicity without much noise (as a good salesman). Its recognized quality, the course of its action took value. From the blouse of the broom-bearer, he would quickly grow in the business.

This is just one example. But what would have happened if he hadn't had the presence of mind to put his talents into play without being asked? Don't wait any longer for a potential buyer to showcase yourself. Keep an eye out and sell yourself everywhere.

Solve a problem or earn money?

Solve other people's problems for success in life
Solve other people's problems for success in life

Between making money and fixing a problem (in turn satisfying a buyer), what do you think is most important? You said money didn't you? The money is quite important, but there is only one way. No more. Volunteer your talents to help solve the problems of those around you. This is a winning combination for success in life. A man who got rich said his goal was to solve as many of humanity's problems as he could. And humanity's money would then fill his pocket. Does that make sense to you?

Focusing on buyer satisfaction allows you to deliver your services excellently (sometimes well below what you deserve). And a job well done is worth a thousand advertisements. So do a service while your talents permit. Give of yourself to satisfy those around you and you will stand out among all the potential sellers.

Know how to use social networks to succeed in life

Stay professional

Did you know that it is even easier to make yourself known today? With all these social networks, it only takes a minute. Review your profiles. It's a real wealth of information that can attract buyers when you do the right thing. It assumes that you stay professional wherever you are. Start by highlighting your skills, your expertise, your personality, your passions, your values, etc. Keep in mind that your posts say a lot about you. Filter what you deliver and don't betray yourself.

Use social networks well to succeed in life
Using social media well helps you succeed in life

Don't lie anymore

You don't impress anyone like that. And especially not a buyer who seeks your skills as much as universal values. An excellent communicator has managed to land numerous contracts by showcasing her various skills on her Facebook profile and by constantly creating quality content that inspires confidence. If you can't do it yourself, buy the services of an expert to define a great strategy to enhance your physical and digital identity.

Don't hide and do a favor. Maintain your identity and showcase your talents on social networks. Showcase your talents so as not to lose your rating on the market. There are many other strategies for selling your assets and succeeding in life. You surely know some! Share your ideas with us in the comments. You will be of service to someone and showcase your talents. Who knows? Perhaps, a buyer is among us!

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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