4 figures of female leadership in Africa

Women's leadership: 03 African women who are moving the lines


Leadership is not just a man's business as most people think. It is also a sector where we find women. As proof, there are several women in the world and in Africa who have made a name for themselves in this universe. Here are three of them that are the pride of Africa in terms of Female leadership. Their brief journey could inspire you. So read this article to the end. You may have other women leaders to cite in comments. Let's go!

Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakidja, the face of female leadership in Africa
Folorunsho ALAKIDJA

A super eagle influential

She is by far the most influential and richest woman in all of Nigeria and Africa. His fortune according to the famous American magazine is estimated at more than a billion dollars. Folorunsho Alakija represents for most women today a model of success in the business world. She comes from a large family, 52 brothers and sisters. No one could imagine him with such success and fortune. But thanks to her relentlessness and determination, she has been able to demonstrate her model of female leadership by making a place for herself in a world where men almost hold the reins.

An exceptional entrepreneur

Alakija started the business by creating her own clothing brand Supreme Stitches. Thanks to the success of this first company, she then invested in the book publishing sector and subsequently created a printing group, Digital Reality.

However, the most important aspect of her career as a businesswoman remains the day she decided to turn to hydrocarbons. A sector that will be the basis of his fortune. Indeed, after the Gulf War in 1993, a 250,000 hectare oil block was put up for sale, but no one wanted it. Alakija therefore took the decision to appropriate it. In the 2000s, the reserves of this well were estimated at 1 billion barrels.

Angelique KIDJO

Music as a weapon

The singer and international UN ambassador is recognized around the world for her business acumen and commitment to the cause of women. It is this commitment that has enabled her to appear in the top 50 most powerful African women according to the American magazine Forbes. This is made possible in particular thanks to its fourth win at the 2020 Grammy Awards with his last record Celia released in 2019.

Angélique KIDJO, fourth Grammy Award

Female leadership model

Angelique Kidjo is now ranked alongside the continent's women leaders who have distinguished themselves in several fields. You have business, media, politics, sport, public life and science, among others. She is also cited as a typical example of female leadership. The native of Ouidah, historic city of Benin, is also very committed to the empowerment of African women through the actions of her Batonga Foundation.

Ayodele OGNIN

A young finance expert

Only 30 years old, this young Beninese woman is already writing her name in the list of African women recognized for their leadership. Indeed, Ayodélé OGNIN is a finance professional specializing in markets in Africa. She has approximately 8 years of experience in this field, particularly within several groups and financial institutions in Africa. She has worked on transactions that involve treasury operations and asset management, microfinance, private equity and investment banking.

Ayodélé OGNIN, figure of female leadership in Benin

A figure of female leadership committed to impact

In order to get a little closer to the fairer sex at the base, she created Wurami Consulting which is a box specializing in supporting SME entrepreneurs in Benin, but also in Africa.

Dame Ayodélé is thus committed to the fight against poverty and other vices that undermine the development of African women. Through her actions, she also seeks to promote the education of children and the empowerment of African women. In addition, she set up the initiative Women Empowerment Masterclass, a women's capacity building movement which now has more than 15,000 beneficiaries. It still expects to reach 100,000 women by 2022.

Many African women are developing exceptional leadership all over the world. Thanks to their skills and expertise, they impress and are the pride of the continent. In this article, we have presented three of them that could serve as models for the youngest. What do these three models of female leadership inspire you? Share this article in your networks. Also leave us your appreciations in the comments and do not miss to stay connected to our news.

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