Covid-19 school holidays: Three (03) entertainments to say goodbye to boredom thanks to the Internet

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In these first months of the year 2020, planet earth could not do without the coronavirus pandemic still known as covid-19. In BENIN as everywhere in the world, this pandemic has already claimed many victims. Also, covid-19 has not forgotten to touch in its dark passage several sensitive areas including that of education and the education system in particular.

Kindergarten, elementary, secondary, university, private and public schools, all are at a standstill awaiting the death of covid-19 with hope. However, stuck at home, there are many such pests such as boredom, stress, laziness and the like that keep gaining the rank of learners.

Here are three (03) things that could be of benefit to pupils and students:


It's a great way to take your boredom away. Take advantage of your free time to read up on whatever you want. Read new things. And if you don't have any books, you could get them in just a few clicks, and very often for free, from online library platforms. You might even learn to read well through the web. Online reading communities are waiting to support you.

Physical exercises

It no longer has to be demonstrated that sport is essential to maintain good health. Besides being an ideal tool for self-confidence, you can easily do it at home. Short stretching or fitness sessions alone or with the family don't require a lot of space and will definitely do you good. There are many specific and effective workouts online that can help. If you like to dance, feel free to take a few dance steps every now and then to ease your mind when you get bored.


Known as fun activities that benefit the mental health of those who are interested in them, playing games can be very exciting and enjoyable depending on the degree of challenge you have. Chess, Scrabble, Checkers and many other games will help you build your brainpower. Once again, if you can't play, the web won't forget you. Everything you need to learn to play is there. And if you're on your own without a challenge, try out online games.

Waris L. Hussein DEDO

Electrician student with a professional license in Electrical and Computer Engineering. About twenty years old and of Beninese origin, he is passionate about leadership, cybersecurity and general culture.

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