Youth For Challenge makes young people ambassadors against the coronavirus in Benin

01 youth awake to fight against the coronavirus in Benin


Coronavirus in benign does exist and it would be dangerous if we continued to trivialize it. To help the population become aware of the pandemic, the Mono Coordination of Youth For Challenge launched on July 15, 2020 in the conference room of CAEB-Lokossa, the Mono youth awareness project on COVID-19. On the theme "Awakened youth to fight against the coronavirus", act 1 consisted of an awareness session on COVID-19. This short article tells you about it. Read it to the end.

Young, be an ambassador for the fight against the coronavirus in Benin

Dorcas SOHOU, Mono Coordinator of Youth For Challenge raises awareness about the coronavirus in Benin

After welcoming the audience, the Departmental Coordinator Ms. Dorcas SOHOU spoke to the participants on what this disease is, the barrier measures to avoid it and the attitude to adopt in the face of skeptics. In addition to the universally recommended measures (hand washing with soap and water, use of the elbow to cough and sneeze, social distancing of at least one meter, wearing of a mask, etc.), the Coordinator empowered the young people in fight against the campaign to trivialize the pandemic in Benin.

Youth For Challenge at the heart of the awareness campaign

She invited young people to sensitize their peers in their households, villages and city districts. In addition, she also recommended to the young people present that running away from skeptical people would be a simple strategy to protect yourself and your community. The many questions that sprinkled the exchange testify not only to the interest of the participants in the session but also to their thirst for information on this disease. At the end of the debate, Ms. SOHOU took the opportunity to present Youth For Challenge in a few minutes to the participants in order to give them a panoramic view of his vision, its ambitions, its activities and its functioning.

Donation of reusable masks against the coronavirus in Benin

Finally, the Coordinator and her team distributed reusable protective masks to the participants before closing this first activity of the project. Satisfied with this session, many participants have already made a commitment to join the community of change agents Youth For Challenge. Remember that the Board of Directors and the executive team of Youth For Challenge were strongly represented alongside the Mono coordination for the launch of this new project against the coronavirus in benign.

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