Young YFC volunteers take action against the coronavirus in Benin

Coronavirus in Benin: word to YFC volunteers - 04


The coronavirus affects all layers of our populations. Both adults and children, women and men can be affected. No one is immune from possible contamination. Preventive measures must therefore involve everyone. On the strength of this, the youngest volunteers of our organization joined our awareness campaign. Read on!

Word to the volunteers

Deo-Gratias, fifth grade

A young volunteer takes action against the coronavirus in Benin

My name is Deo-Gracias HOUEDOHOUN and I am a Beninese. The world is currently shaken by this disease called COVID-19 which claims many victims in its path. It has also been present in our country Benin for a few months. But we can avoid it by respecting barrier measures especially wearing a mask, especially since the virus reaches us through the respiratory tract.

So do like me by always wearing your mask. Our country needs all of its living and healthy sons for its development.

Gilchrist, sixth grade

A young volunteer takes action against the coronavirus in Benin

I am Gilchrist LOKOSSOU and like most of you, I live here in Benin. Surely you've heard of the nasty disease called Covid-19. Much has been said about this. The authorities recommended barrier measures and the rumored lady also relayed a lot of false information.

I am a child and my voice is also helpful. Do like me. Wash your hands regularly. It helps protect against coronavirus and many other diseases that kill children and adults.

Fight against the coronavirus in Benin: get involved too

Join us to fight the coronavirus in Benin
Youth For Challenge against the coronavirus in Benin

Thank you for relaying this message because it is our responsibility to all of us to inspire our communities. Do not hesitate to join us if you want to serve and be truly proud of Benin like us. Contact us here or by mail and WhatsApp. We also invite you to like our official Facebook page and to subscribe.

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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