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Negative thoughts: top 3 tips for saying stop

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Negative and positive thoughts coexist in our heads. Your brain produces between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day and the majority will be "definitely" negative. Yet your thoughts determine your mood. Your mood guides your words and actions. These define your life situation. It is therefore very useful to condition yourself well for happy daily lives. Do you know that certain techniques are very effective in controlling your thoughts. We talk about it in this article. Make yourself comfortable and let's go now. You too can say stop to negative thoughts. So read until the end!

Positivez: the mindset that scares away negative thoughts

One of the worst ways to stop thinking negatively is to go to the trouble of forgetting bad thoughts. Why ? You would ask me. Indeed, when you force yourself to forget something, the brain thinks about it even more. What to do then? Change your mindset (mindset in English) simply. Focus on the positive things in your life. Lots of things are of interest in letting go of negative thoughts.

Positivez to control your negative thoughts

Think about waking up in the morning and how healthy you are. Focus on the job you have, to the friends around you. And if you have none of these, the sun that rises each morning and the breath of life you have can be a source of gratitude. Your mindset is your fuel. Would you be willing to put poor quality fuel in your car? Obviously not! So avoid filling your daily life with negative thoughts.

Sports and entertainment

Another effective technique is to play sports or walk and stick to it, even if the weather is bad. You surely know this maxim of Juvenal "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Getting out and moving allow you to recover energy. Good music during this activity will only boost your self-confidence and relax you. You will find in this article some other fun activities to avoid negative thoughts and boredom thanks to the internet.

Walking relaxes and lets you see the good side of life


Contrary to popular belief, it isn't about trying to think of nothing, clearing your mind, but forcing you to focus on one thing and let your thoughts go. The main problem with this kind of practice is that people feel that their progress is too slow when it is essential to hang on and value every success in this practice. It is therefore a good tip to gradually control your mood.

Let's focus and meditate!

Start with a minute, close your eyes, or leave them half-closed, fixing your attention on a specific (if possible peaceful) point in front of you. Then, fix your attention on your breathing and count down: 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, etc. Whatever your performance, the meditation technique will allow you to exercise your ability to concentrate and this will bring you tangible benefits.

You are the only ones who can confront your negative thoughts, the only ones who can take action against them. It's almost impossible to stop thinking, but it is possible to choose which thought to hold onto. In this article, we've introduced you to three simple techniques for saying goodbye to negative thinking. It's your turn. Stay positive and enjoy the finer things in your life. Exercise to maintain your physique and relax your mind. You can also opt for meditation to let your negative thoughts go and focus on the positive ones.

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  1. Jahame HODONOU
    26 September 2020

    I find the article quite interesting. It not only presents a solution to everyone's failure but a solution that turns out to be effective.


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