what-about-suicides-which-become-frequent-among-young-girls-in-our-colleges-and-high schools

What about suicides that are becoming frequent among young girls in our colleges and high schools?

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The Beninese school is increasingly facing another growing phenomenon in the arena of our young girls: it is suicide.
Thus, we are witnessing a recurrence of the act as evidenced by the cases that continue to report on social networks.

What can we understand by the term suicide?

Invented for the first time in 1737 by Abbé Desfontaines, the word suicide (sui: soi, cadere: to kill) has been the subject of explanation by many authors including A. Delmas who defines it as an << Act by which all men lucid who can choose to live, however chooses to die outside of any ethical obligation.

The causes underlying the phenomenon among young people in our context

The main reason around which the evil gravitates in our schools and high schools remains the question of love and its derivatives which occupy a prominent place in the minds of young girls who show naivety.
While parents have a clear desire to see their daughters succeed later in life by investing in their education, this is not always the directive that most girls enroll in.

Indeed, adolescent girls are too early preoccupied with sentimental issues and even come so far as to focus all their minds and all their thoughts on the young boy with whom they fall in love either by love at first sight or after contacts. Thus, they give themselves body and soul to the boys of which they dream of being the only priority, which is not always the case. This is how we witness love disappointments that weaken young girls and germinate suicidal thoughts in them.

On the other hand, the constraints and pressures of the parents which appear for the "extreme" girls are also sources of suicidal ideas and behaviors.

What to do to stop the bleeding?

It is important that the perennial question of education be a priority in our present society in the era of globalization.

Parents must put an emphasis on the education of children and pay particular attention to it because according to the Senegalese writer Aminata Sow Fall `` Education has the strange power of molding the individual according to inviolable standards and of making him almost powerless in any attempt to break free from its norms >>.

In addition, it is necessary to communicate more and more with children and especially girls to point the finger at certain realities and help them to manage the sentimental problems which trouble their mind.

Finally, families should not hesitate to consult with psychiatrists to help them manage internal problems to prevent many unfortunate but avoidable situations.

More aware young people, more attentive parents, more rigorous schools, is that too much to ask?

And then, when will reality TV shows, soap operas and other deviations normalized by our consumer societies be pushed out of the educational spheres of our youth, the real models of which seem to have totally disappeared?

I will be back!

Fabrice E. KANFON

Fourth Year Medical Student, KANFON E. Fabrice is passionate about reading, sport and science, his vision is to positively impact young people with a taste for a job well done and for science.

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  1. Djètovi
    24 April 2020

    An excellent diagnosis. We all have a great score to play to correct the situation. Parents, school, state, media and others.


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