Can-the-African-educational-system-meet-the-challenge-of-the-economic-scientific-socio-cultural-development of the youthforchallenge-continent

Can the African education system meet the challenge of the continent's economic, scientific and socio-cultural development?


This is the question we are entitled to ask when we see the inaction of our academics, unable to manage to find us a remedy against this coronavirus pandemic which is currently the priority of the whole world. What is unfortunate is that academics who like to recall their high-sounding titles wait like a beggar for the vaccine to be sent to them by their Western colleagues who occupy the laboratories in order to defeat this evil.

At the end of this pandemic, we have to question a lot of things, including our education system, which is not adapted to our realities.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo had said that “Education as it exists today is anti-development education. "

However, we must recognize that the African school produces well-thinking heads who, despite the deplorable working conditions, manage to amaze us with the results of their research. The example of Beninese researcher Valentin Agon who is working (against all odds) to restore hope to Africans in the face of this coronavirus pandemic should be recognized. Many others are also at work, except that they remain too much in the shadows and / or are not supported and do not make the results of their research known to the general public.

The fundamental concern is to know the type of education system that is needed for a better development of the continent. One thing is certain; it is the inadequacy of our current education which constitutes a handicap to our development. It's sickening, it's sad.

Africa, as Seneca says "take back your rights over yourself".

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