International Youth Day 2020: YFC speaks out

Words from the CEO of Youth for Challenge


Since August 2018, our organization (Youth For Challenge) has been at the heart of the tough battle for quality education in Benin and Africa.

Our finely thought-out projects are progressively contributing to the achievement of our objectives in several departments of Benin.

Today, our impact associated with both education and capacity building of youth can be appreciated from north to south. Benign.

I would like to send my warm greetings and sincere thanks to the entire team for their dedication and civic engagement since the early hours of our journey.

Thanks to each of you, we have crossed many milestones and taken up important socio-economic development challenges for our communities.

To all the national and international partners who have agreed to take this path on a daily basis with us, I ask you to receive all our considerations for your multiple contributions in terms of mentoring, financial and material resources, etc. We hope to see the network of our partners grow in order to better serve our communities.

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