The drama of the mask takes a baby to Lokossa.

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It is the day of the Lokossa market. Dame Françoise is a young mother. Like hundreds of local women, she invites herself into this public place which drains a tide of people and animals.

Dame Françoise is a well-informed citizen who respects barrier measures in order to protect herself from the coronavirus. And as proof, she goes to this market wearing her mask as recommended. The young mother, like many women, braved the immense crowd of the market with her child on her back. So she decided to protect the life of her six-month-old baby.

So she wore a muffler, tied it to her back and even more protected from the sun by putting a blanket over her as is often done. Perhaps this was his call for misfortune. Confident and driven by a sense of precautions well taken, she began her operations at the large Nesto Market in Almeida. For those who know a bustling market, the experience is always breathtaking. You have to walk for a long time between thirty-six stalls, discuss prices, try out several merchants, stop for a moment and chat, etc.

Dame Françoise and her little daughter were almost going to go through this ceremony so that the family kitchen is doing the best during these hard hours. But unfortunately ! The macabre entered history and made it a sad news item. Dame Françoise without ulterior motives and without taking notice has sinned by her excess of zeal and overprotection. Her six-month-old daughter, struggling with all of this device, fought a hard battle to capture vital oxygen for minutes. She struggled well, but her tears could not alarm the mother of her uncomfortable battle. What mother hasn't just calmed her crying back baby by giving him a few gentle pokes on the lower buttocks?

Don't blame Dame Françoise because that's what she did. And when the weak child fell silent behind her with her head back, she told herself that these whims had subsided. The merchants had to call Dame Françoise. The child is sleeping! The child is sleeping! ''. Yes the child slept, eternal rest while fighting for a bit of oxygen. Her mother undid her loincloth, turned her baby over to see that she was not asleep. She had died of a lack of oxygen, suffocated by a muffler lined with a protective blanket for fear of the coronavirus among others.

This news item challenges us all and deserves to be thought about without abusive judgment. Would the young mother have done better not to wear a mask for her child? Could it be the blanket placed over the baby that caused this misfortune? Still, it all started with two good intentions, the result of which was fatal for the young soul. Fear and ignorance shouldn't kill any faster than disease. Let’s be careful and protect ourselves intelligently.

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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  1. Gangbazo Isaac
    17 April 2020

    Oh my God ... poor, it is clear that overprotecting a child is not often the best for him ... However, the behavior of this woman is not to be blamed because she acted by thinking above all about well being of her child. Was it excessive? yes… legitimate? Also… we can now only deplore the consequences.


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