Conference-debate on the financial concept of the “cash flow quadrant”


In Benin, like several developing countries, the education system, despite its prowess, has many flaws. One of them is the still too classic form of education which obscures very important aspects of current realities.

Unfortunately, financial education is still not included in the curricula of schools and high schools in the country. Learners generally finish their studies without mastering the debates on the role of money, the place of networking and the importance of budgeting. These are, however, themes that are strongly discussed early on in elementary schools in several developed countries and which prepare adolescents for an understanding of the current world and its evolution.

Youth for Challenge makes financial education for youth a priority through its Objective 2 of Pole 1 (op.cit.) " Promote financial education for young people through training on topics related to accounting, the importance of money and networking (networking) ". It is therefore to contribute to the achievement of this objective that we initiated on November 7, 2018 a conference-debate on a major concept of financial education: the cash flow quadrant proposed by Robert Kiyosaki. The presentation of this concept allowed the thirty or so schoolchildren and students present to understand the four ways of making money today in the world and especially the characteristics and psychologies of each type of agent: employee, liberal, businessman and investor. In turn, the participants asked questions for clarification and identified the quadrants that effectively allow a country to develop by putting money at the service of the process of economic and social development. They have thus taken resolutions on their future orientations with regard to the choices of life and quadrant careers.

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