The qualities of true leadership

Leadership: The 5 qualities of a true leader


How do you recognize a true leader? A leader is a person who manages to inspire others to give the best of themselves in order to achieve a given goal. This definition is still not enough to understand what distinguishes a true leader. This one has human and managerial qualities which allow it to be efficient and to bring its collaborators to it. Here are 5 qualities that identify a true leader.

the true leader must know how to communicate
a true leader must know how to communicate well

Know how to communicate

Communication plays an important role in leadership. The leader must be able to clearly communicate his ideas. To communicate is to speak, but also to listen. The leader must be able to speak in such a way that his team can grasp his vision. He must easily convey to them his passion and the way he sees things.

Most importantly, he must be able to listen. The leader must listen to the needs of his team and respond to them. Listening well allows him to identify those with whom he works and to make them understand that their opinions count too. Employees who feel important are better able to do what is necessary to achieve goals.

a true leader must inspire

Inspiring leadership

The best way to get a person to act is to inspire them. A true leader must embody the values he defends. He must himself be an example for his collaborators. They must see in him the ideal to be embodied. His work ethic and discipline should inspire others to do the same. The true leader inspires his peers by his prowess and more by his mistakes or difficulties which do not prevent him from achieving his goals.

Be authentic

a real leader must be genuine

A real leader must be genuine. To be authentic is to be in line with your values. The true leader is not a pale copy of existing leadership models. It must remain true. He must himself be aware of his own values, his vision and especially his limits. Thus, while improving its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses, it will know how to remain authentic.

Have confidence in him

Self-confidence is one of the essential qualities of a leader. It is essential that the leader has confidence in himself. He must be able to assert himself and defend his ideas. A leader who does not believe in himself will find it difficult to get others to believe in him. He must be able to defend and believe in his project even in the most difficult moments. If the leader's conviction falters, his employees will be the first to suffer.

the goals of a true leader must be SMART

Set SMART goals

A true leader must fix SMART goals. These are Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Realistic and Time-bound goals. This is the best way to increase the chances of seeing a goal achieved. Its objectives must therefore be:

  • Specific: the objectives must be precise and easy to understand;
  • Measurable: It must be possible to have a good idea of the evolution of the activities in order to achieve the objective;
  • Accessible: employees must have the certainty of being able to achieve what is expected of them;
  • Realistic: The goals must be achievable. Their realization should not cause reluctance;
  • Temporal: The objectives must be limited in time. Their realization must not extend indefinitely at the risk of becoming a financial pit.

We have presented to you in this article 5 major qualities of a true leader. They are not the only ones. Do not hesitate to tell us in comments other important qualities that must embody a true leader. So, are you already a real leader? This article could help you work on your leadership. Help us by sharing it in your networks and don't miss any of our news.

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