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  • 29 March 2019 09:00 - 18:00

GEH Challenge BENIN - AFRICA 2019


School, despite all its efforts, cannot be the only key to learning and truly meeting current demands and expectations. And it is with good reason that one often hears here and there resource persons of the education system affirming that the school gives only a quarter of the knowledge which one really needs in the life. This truth, few young people are aware of. The proof is that they are legions to finish their school course with an almost zero level of general culture. Incapable for the most part to give reliable basic information on their own country, BENIN or their continent, Africa. These young people often find themselves in embarrassing situations, especially during their speaking engagements. Knowing its terroir and its specificities is now necessary to properly think about its development. Initiatives to strengthen the knowledge of young learners in general culture can help to correct this divide. This is precisely the goal of the present inter-school Grass Engineering Championship project called “GEH CHALLENGE BENIN-AFRIQUE 2019”.

the project's objectives

• Encourage learners to develop their taste for research, their desire to know the world;
• Strengthen the knowledge of learners on Benin and Africa;
• Create a healthy and informative entertainment environment.

Implementation of the activity

“GEH CHALLENGE BENIN-AFRIQUE 2019” is a tournament of budding geniuses which brought together for its first edition six (06) high schools and colleges from the municipalities of Dogbo, Lokossa and Athiémè. These are the CEG 1 Lokossa, CEG 1 Dogbo, CEG Azonlihoué, Catholic College of Dogbo, Young Girls High School of Lokossa and the Technical Vocational Industrial and Tertiary High School of Lokossa. During March 29 and 30, 2019, the various meetings took place in the conference room of CAEB Lokossa. Two groups were formed following the drawing of lots carried out upon the arrival of all the delegations on March 29. Thus, at the end of the qualifying matches, the direct elimination matches and the two finals, it is the team of the General Education College 1 of Lokossa which won the 2019 edition of the "GEH CHALLENGE BENIN-AFRICA" against his CEG1 challenger Dogbo.

The best players of the competition are respectively Aquilas Hounkanlin, Captain of CEG 1 Lokossa in boys; and Jennifer Martin, Captain of the Lokossa Young Girls High School for girls.

Funding and partner

The realization of this project cost 158,500 CFA francs and financed on own funds up to 75%. Thirty thousand CFA francs (30,000 CFA francs) were made available to us by Mr. Gildas BOKO, a gaming enthusiast living in Cotonou.

Results obtained and quantified impact

• Thirty-six learners did their own research on various themes, in order to better understand the world;
• Thirty-six learners know more about BENIN and AFRICA;
• Thirty-six learners were entertained by general knowledge and were enlivened during the various healthy activities organized.

Difficulties encountered and solution approaches

The great difficulty of this project was the non-engagement of certain establishments selected to participate in the final phase of the competition. This slightly upset the implementation of the project. However, the steering team was able to adapt to the various changes noted and organize the event with the six establishments available. In addition, the mobilization of financial resources was very difficult for the realization of the project.

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