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  • 3 November 2018 09:00 - 18:00

Blogging and social media training


The development of NICT has precipitated the current world in an environment of multiple irreversible changes. Whether it is education, the economy or youth employment, the development of human activities requires an effective linkage to the opportunities offered by NICT and digital technology. Specifically, there is today a strong propensity for income creation through digital entrepreneurship, provided that the opportunities are known, seized and young people equipped to meet the development challenges of our communities. There is therefore a need to strengthen the digital knowledge of young people in order to enable them to take advantage of relative opportunities, an alternative to the recurring issue of youth unemployment.

Objective of the activity

• Promote digital youth education and entrepreneurship through popularizing web opportunities and building skills related to social media and blogging.

Project implementation

It is in this context described above that we have decided to initiate in partnership with the digital agency KLCNET IT, a series of two trainings on blogging, social media, generalities on the creation of a website and popularization of Web opportunities. Taking place on Saturdays 03 and 10 November 2018 in the CAEB / Lokossa conference room, this activity saw the participation of more than sixty young pupils, students and civil servants. After an introductory talk on social media and how to create a business account on Facebook, the trainer covered the basics of blogging and building a website.

During the debate which followed, the participants were able to ask questions of comprehension and followed the directives to create on the spot professional accounts on the social network Facebook and started the creation of a blog.

Funding and partner

The digital agency KLCNET IT and CAEB / Lokossa were our two partners on this project. The first coordinated the training by providing technical expertise. In addition to providing an excellent internet connection, the second partner's conference room served as a setting for the training. Although this project did not benefit from a huge budget (due to the technical and logistical contributions of our partners), we faced the small organizational expenses which amount to five thousand CFA francs (5,000 CFA francs). .

Results obtained and quantified impact

• 75 pupils, students and officials of Lokossa were trained on how to create blogs and professional accounts on Facebook.

Difficulties encountered and solution approaches

There were no major difficulties. On the other hand, the participants wanted the organization of other practical workshops so that they would have the opportunity to work together on the creation and animation of blogs.

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