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  • 4 January 2021 09:00 - 18:00

Creation of a mobile library for rural areas, reception centers, orphanages and prisons in Mono


Become a mobile library to better serve our three villages, hamlets, retirement homes and school (around one hundred children). Intended to facilitate access to books and to reconcile young and old with reading, too often put aside.

The municipalities which will be served every week, from 9 am to 11.30 am, the mini-bookmobile will offer the inhabitants of one of the villages the loan of books, comics, audio books, comfort books, CDs and other DVDs. The population will be informed of the passage of the library by posting, in town hall, and through the press. The loan is free.

Thus, each month, more than 450 new books will be available inside the vehicle intended for direct loans.

Like a library or a media library, the mini-bookmobile is divided into several departments: youth, adults, novels, visually impaired funds, regional funds ... "But this is only part of our funds that we will find here ”. Each member is provided with a card which allows those in charge to manage the outputs and returns of documents as well as delays in a computerized manner.


However, these activities require transportation. For this we need a vehicle for the small streets of the 3 villages.

Our goal is to collect 50,000,000 CFA francs to help us purchase the vehicle.

The financing will only be used for the purchase of a vehicle and its fitting-out.

Its main qualities: Lightweight, agile and eclectic, Compact dimensions, Reliable and economical

PS: Donations made to associations of general interest, which can conditionally allow donors to benefit from tax reductions.

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