What about hospital visits during coronavirus?

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In Africa and especially in Benin, hospitalizations in our health care services, both private and public, continue to increase. And the underlying causes for this phenomenon are many.

A patient hospitalized in Benin becomes a source of affluence of his relatives, relatives and friends who spare no effort to visit him in the hospital in order to provide him not only with moral, physical and of course financial support.

Is the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole planet and in particular Benin favorable for this state of affairs to continue in our hospitals?

The answer is NO and imposes awareness among our populations to fight against the spread of this virus. Indeed, our health system, which has already been facing a significant lack of rolling stock for a long time, requiring up to seven patients in the same room in most of our large hospitals will also have to meet the current challenge of the fight against the Coronavirus.

Arrangements must be made and notified to parents of hospital patients.

First, it is necessary to limit the number of individuals visiting the same hospitalized patient to the minimum necessary in order to avoid promiscuity due to the large number of people in the same hospital room.

Secondly, it will be necessary to set up a systematic screening of any individual needing to have access to his hospitalized relative, if necessary, in order to highlight any cases of asymptomatic carriers.

In addition, the care units within our large hospitals could also, with the exception of sick attendants, establish visiting hours for each parent of patients in the same room.

Fabrice E. KANFON

Fourth Year Medical Student, KANFON E. Fabrice is passionate about reading, sport and science, his vision is to positively impact young people with a taste for a job well done and for science.

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  1. Délali SOHOU
    17 April 2020

    Your article is timely. I think that our authorities will really have to take an interest in it to see to what measures to implement your proposals.


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