Digital technology: 01 poor children in education


According to UNICEF, around three in five young people in Africa are not connected. Digital technology is the poor child of national education in many developing countries. The lack of proven digital skills is a glaring disadvantage for our future leaders in an already very competitive twenty-first century and a futuristic twenty-second century. Computing and digital technology should no longer be a simple option but rather a requirement in our education systems.

Schoolchildren and pupils familiarizing themselves with digital technology

What to do to promote digital in education?

Reforming education, including learning content that is faithful to our diverse realities and geared towards the multiple opportunities of the present and future centuries, should be a pragmatic investment for our nations.

Today we come to recall this cry from the heart.

The great soul recommended that we be the change we want in our communities. And we have decided to work hard over the past 3 years for better digital education in our communities.

We strengthen the knowledge of our young people in basic computing, computer programming and digital professions. All this has emerged today as an important lever to instill lasting changes in our vulnerable and not very resilient communities (our farmers, women, etc.).

We need you to achieve this goal

Of many actions will be developed in the coming months. To achieve our goals and improve digital education in Benin, we need you. Do you have skills to benefit from our targets, sustainable networking opportunities for various south-south and north-south partnerships, financial and / or material resources, we remain open and available to discuss.

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Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.


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