My child will take care of me tomorrow!


One of the taboo and insidious reasons, so to speak, of procreation among black peoples is, let's have the courage to admit it, ” procreation as future insurance ". This is a devious motivation with multiple repercussions. Let’s make, said the black man to himself, a child who will be our joy and who once grown up will be there for us emotionally, socially and above all financially. Unfortunately this philosophy is outdated before being put on the modern market.

The young African, this hybrid who drank from all sources whether Western or Eastern, is a mulatto who zigzags between several models, these exogenous fashions, they which create his identity avulsion. Narcissism, egoism, hedonism, snobbery, etc., here is the long chain with myriad links which pearls the young black son of modernity and friend of technological gadgets. He does not know when his mother has to go to the next check-up for reasons of health but obviously he knows when he must say HBD to this girl, this boy because of whom he telesnobates all but none. He does not know or can lead it solicitude he owes to his family but he knows * where he can invite his sweetheart without even being there solicited. He refuses to know How? 'Or' What his parents are fighting to ensure a future radiant. On the other hand, ah god! He knows How? 'Or' What provoke a rise in tension of what to trigger in father, mother, tutor, teacher, instructor, censor, director but also rector hypertension, stroke, an anxiety attack and what else? This is understandable! Indeed, he is a sworn engineer in vicious electricity option perversity and recklessness.

Faced with this specter, we can not help being tormented, bothered, tapped and tormented by a whole question: Can we still evoke the " like father, like son "? Must we say that the wheel spins? If so, it would be fair to say that this derogatory situation is for parents the return of the elevator, but can we really claim that? Should we resign ourselves by referring to the universal mobilization of Heraclitus according to which everything is in perpetual change? This latest would he have won the debate on the principle first ?

We all have the right to be Happy. If we can give our children everything without expecting anything in return and to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling without any of them being everything for us, we would suffer less. Isn't this a step towards happiness? Difficult to say at this time when sadomasochism in the name of so-called pleasure is gaining ground ...


Senior communication technician and doctoral student in moral and political philosophy at the multidisciplinary doctoral school of Flash. Ghil-christ Élysée Yansounou is also a teacher of philosophy in secondary schools, his main passions are reading and travel.

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