The AU's astonishing silence in the face of the coronavirus pandemic


If there is one difficult exercise for an African, it is that of accurately defining the role of the African Union. It escapes no one that the preoccupation of the hour is to put an end to this nasty coronavirus as quickly as possible in order to find a normal economic and health situation.

But the African citizen wonders what the AU is doing in the face of this pandemic. How does it plan to help member countries and what is its roadmap?

We are tempted to say that we should not expect anything from this pan-African organization when no country can overcome this pandemic on its own given the precariousness of our health system. While Africa has a head start on the others because the pandemic has not yet hit the continent as seen elsewhere; we struggle to act, to make the right decisions. As always, we fold our arms and wait like a slave for the master to tell us what to do and how to do it. Even more dismaying, we are asking for help from Western countries that are almost asphyxiated in terms of health and economics to help us (we are talking about a Marshall Plan). President Macron held a teleconference with a dozen African presidents to define how they can help us. Even so! ! ! It should rather be Africa which must for once go to the aid of others, right?

The Secretary General of the United Nations even speaks of an aid of three trillion dollars USD which is urgently needed for Africa otherwise it would be on the ground. Where is all this money going to come from right now when it's the “every man for himself”?

When we see the European Union announcing huge amounts to be ejected into the market to support countries and companies, we wonder what is the AU doing?

When we see the presidents of the Euro zone confer by video conference in order to take major decisions, we see nothing of ours. Let's not even talk about sub-regional organizations.

Are we going to remain "eternally assisted"?

If one of the roles of the AU is to promote unity and solidarity between States, then how can we explain this silence in the face of this pandemic which wants to decimate its people and which wants to undermine its commitment? Should we expect everything from others as is the case with the building that houses the organization and which is granted to us by China?

One thing is certain, it is that the medicine that we have since been given does not solve the problem; it is often even worse than evil. So why not join hands and support us in order to develop more cooperation between us, support and help each other instead of waiting for the West which only has its interests?

Let’s act and dare. And as Nietzsche says "become who you are".

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