Citizenship and the value of the public good


Amazed by the careless opinion of a colleague on duty regarding the maintenance of our communal toilets, I thought about it and I asked myself questions.

Why does the maintenance of the public good pose a problem? Why does nobody want to take care of it? Why destroying it is a pleasure for some? Doesn't the public good belong to someone after all?

The public good, a collective heritage

The public good belongs to each of us and to all of us at the same time. When it comes to protecting it, it belongs to the community. When it comes to profiting it is up to the individual. And as such, we enjoy it.

Rights correspond to duties and no one can take advantage of the former without satisfying the latter. My duty in the face of the right to enjoy the public good is to protect it and take care of it without waiting for a counterpart.

So therefore I must take care of my environment, the public places of my locality, public administrative buildings, public lighting, public toilets, to name but a few. In doing so, I contribute to the protection of the natural, material and financial resources of my country. And I show my good citizen faith.

The public good is mine.
The public good is yours.
Protect it.

Délali SOHOU

Young dynamic Beninese woman. Délali SOHOU is currently a cashier at CHD-Mono, she is attentive and sensitive to what is happening around her. While passionate about reading and gospel music, she aims to contribute to a better world.

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