Registration Training Entrepreneurship WOMENVAI_YFC call for applications

Entrepreneurship training registration WOMENVAI_YFC


The global context is characterized by a health crisis and its increased effects on the economy of developing countries.

To help control these hazards and make better use of the opportunities available to young people in this environment, the international NGO WOMENVAI (Women and Men in Environment and Artificial Intelligence) and the organization YFC Bénin (Youth For Challenge) are organizing a series of online training courses for women entrepreneurs, real levers of economic development. Many themes will be discussed. Among others:

- Team management and intercultural management
- Strategic planning and tools
- Leadership and change management
- Project management
- Communication and marketing
- Creation of a business
- Fundraising, funding requests.

After the online activities there will be a final physical pitching competition for participants to then develop their project.

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