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Imagine the coronavirus told by Beninese authors.


Colince Yan : the streets of Cotonou are nothing more than mirages, a gunman dreams of being confined with a Beninese woman in a loincloth. Brothels and Devil's Princesses have never lived up to their names so well.

Habib Dakpogan : recounts the boredom of a young woman quarantined with her husband and her lover in room 6 of a Hotel called Etha Contest. Misunderstandings in perspective.

Adélaide Fassinou : in her diary, the sparkling Esclamonde tells of her boredom, waiting for the end of the confinement which will never happen.

Rodrigue Atchaoué: a Sakpata dancer sacrifices herself to end the spread of the virus around the world. She discovers after her death that the coronavirus was a creation of extraterrestrials to end with the human species.  

Ousmane ALLEDJI : a woman with corona gives birth by cesarean section. Nobody wants the child, but who will dare to tell him about it first. A calm people is worrying!   

Carmen Todounou : tells with precision in almost a lifetime, the daily life of FIfonsi, a pharmacy assistant who picks up gangs and mufflers in trash cans to resell them to her customers.

Jean Paul Thooh-Thooh : his hero confined in a brothel, to body tremors, hallucinations and goes mad.

Barnabé Akayi Dated: the first lady is quarantined at home. She hesitates the person to contaminate first between her lover, her homosexual children. Her driver, her doctor, her husband and government ministers.

Martial Kogon : a young entrepreneur launches an online betting application about the end of the virus he called Additional Time.

Jerome Tossavi : a confined man hears the toads croaking in a wagon filled with hydroalcoholic gel. In the end, he was the toad and he had punctures in his mouth. What happened ?

Olympe Bhêly-Quenum : Ahouna does not believe in a cure from the coronavirus, for him humanity is in a new never-ending trap and only insiders can understand it.   

Florent Couao-Zotti : In Natingou city, Djendjer a former boxer organizes boxing competitions between the dead and the living. The winner will have to join the army of Kalamity Djane for a Post-mortem revenge against the Coronavirus 

Djamile Mama-Gao : seeks in a body-fitting and during a season in Africa, the orgasm and the best way to be confined.

Gaston Zossou : touching is now forbidden on planet earth, everyone is kept at a reasonable distance. What do we do with human warmth? Or are these people wild beasts?

Pelphide Tokpo : his hero is responsible for writing the name of all those who cough in his entourage in a notebook that he must return to the investigators in charge of quarantining the people concerned. He mysteriously disappears with his notebook before having had time to return his famous notebook.

Paterne Tchaou : in the rubble of the night market where masks are knitted, a hermaphrodite man creates an antifada against the coronavirus.

Sophie adonon : Superintendent Lionel Aza is forced out of his confinement to go hunting for a completely barge serial contaminator!

Mylène Flicka : the coronavirus was born from the unlikely relationship between a pangolin and a computer. With each hate message on social networks, a human being drawn at random is contaminated. With each gesture of solidarity, a human being drawn at random is healed. The bets are yours.

Ester Doko : A poet confined to her home receives photos of celebrities who have died of coronavirus, she must write poems in their honor.

Claude Balogoun : a young retiree takes in a baby pangolin whose parents have been chased away by the suspicion of men in the Kpassè forest. Confined in his sauna, he tries to raise the animal and teach it how to manage the thermostat.

Sèdjro Giovanni Houansou: The blue street is a game where the first rule is: we protect ourselves and we protect others… The second rule is: we do not leave our home. … The winners receive immunity tickets. Losers are quickly killed by COVID19

Diary of a self-confined

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