large collection of donations to the most disadvantaged

Large collection of donations to the poorest


His name is Noukpo and today he is nine years old. He was born in this country of hills which defies the Levant. His parents crossed the partition of mysteries before his days contemplate the harmattan this gentle wind.

Noukpo has many brothers and sisters and each day is a new struggle for them all. They do not keenly on the spot, as you can imagine. Every little need that is satisfied is enormous wealth, a great victory.

The future is often uncertain for Noukpo but he refuses to give up. School is difficult but he refuses to beg. He sees Santa Claus on his sleigh, but maybe he wasn't really born, he said to himself.

Noukpo also tightens the belt, his bones are witnesses. He knows people think of him in the big offices of this country. In the meantime, he keeps a deaf laugh in the face of the rich deaf and the system.

He suffers in silence from the indifference of his fellows. It took him days to tell us about his adventures. He's a lovely boy. Dressed in rags and hollow stomachs certainly but full of intelligence.

Here, Noukpo repeated to us this sentence of Abbé Pierre: "We are all together responsible, responsible for ourselves and responsible for one another, that is the greatness of being a man."

We asked him for his dearest wish. Here is his response: “Tell others that we live next door. And that we would be happy if they often turned their gaze on us. If the earth turns, the gaze of man can just as well turn, right? ”

We remained speechless, dazed. Then we asked to take the road. What did Noukpo mean?

PS: Noukpo even gave us the drawing below as a gift. We haven't added much, believe us!

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