Scrabble challenge 2020

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Summer holidays are usually times of rest and relaxation for schoolchildren, pupils and students after a year of hard work. However, due to the non-existence of healthy play activities and relaxation areas in the city of Lokossa, young people are almost lost and become the target of idleness or even numerous slippages including alcohol and smoking, non-pregnancies. desired, STDs and other diseases, petty crime, etc. One strategy to avoid such unfortunate situations is to organize healthy activities that allow young people to relax while improving their academic skills.

The famous Scrabble word game improves beyond its playfulness, the spelling skills of the practitioners. It is a healthy spirit activity that we carry out during the summer school holidays in the Mono. It brings together young schoolchildren, pupils, students and enthusiasts of words. Scrabble is a word game that invites two to four competitors to take turns writing French language words and other borrowed words on a grid with variously weighted squares. The winner of a scrabblesque encounter in its classic version being the one who obtained the most points due to the variety of the indices of each letter and the weightings of each square of the grid. Moreover, the specificity of the duplicate lies in the fact that all the competitors play simultaneously on the same draws, each player having his own grid. Eliminating the luck factor and putting all the players on a level playing field, the winner is therefore the one who has managed to collect the most points or percentage relative to the greatest possible number of points at the end of the game.


Offer a healthy opportunity for young people to relax during the school holidays

Your donations will be of great use to us. They will indeed cover the expenses of the organization of the competition and provide good moments of relaxation to all participants.

If you wish, gift us Scrabble game packs, copies of the Scrabble Official, school supplies, hot meals, juice packs, or trophies for prizes.

If your donation is not anonymized, we will mention it in our various reports and platforms. The logos of legal persons will be shared in the visuals of the project and on our platforms as a partner structure.

Thank you for your support


  1. YouthForChallenge
    29 April 2020

    Donations in kind are also accepted

  2. YouthForChallenge
    29 April 2020

    Very good initiative


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