Coronavirus: Beninese young people do not follow instructions


In Benin, where no confinement has yet been imposed on the population, there are 26 cases of contamination for one death. The ratio seems low for a country of almost 12 million inhabitants, but the authorities are concerned. In recent days in Cotonou, the number of infections has increased fourfold and, among these patients, there are more and more young people.

Epidemic or not, many young Beninese continue to go out in bars, marquises and restaurants. The authorities strongly advise against these poorly ventilated places, but the message is difficult to get through.

“This virus does not scare me too much, assures a young man. In fact, it appears to be benign in 8 out of 10 cases. "

"It's an old man's virus: I'm young and in great shape," says another.

"Anyway, if I catch it, I will expel it from my body with three glasses of sodabi and red oil as impossible", adds his neighbor.

"I know that this virus has killed a lot of people abroad, I saw it on TV," comments a young girl. But… it seems so far away to me. I really don't see myself being infected too. "

Even young people who are aware of the danger overlook barrier disease prevention guidelines, always greeting their friends with hugs and hugs as usual. Many still continue to frequent the good ladies of our streets to satisfy their hunger as if nothing had happened.

Older people do not necessarily set an example for young people. Many of them, despite the epidemic, continue to go to work, markets, etc., still spend their days in mass circles.

The authorities must be stricter on compliance with instructions, increase the frequency of dissemination of prevention messages in the media, organize more targeted awareness campaigns, go door to door or use town criers if this is necessary so that the people are really aware of the seriousness of this epidemic.


A curious, motivated and determined young leader, Obed Kodjo is an agronomist and blogger who is active in organizations that advocate the awareness and development of African youth. Innovation is his passion and for this he never ceases to cultivate himself in order to make a difference in his actions. He dreams of a conscious Africa that solves its problems on its own without outside help.

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