Coronavirus: Many Beninese take prevention instructions lightly

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According to Reuters, more than 277,106 cases of infection have been detected in 164 countries and territories since the start of the epidemic. The Covid-19 has killed at least 11,737 people. With increasingly restrictive measures, nearly a billion people are now confined across the world, in order to stem the coronavirus pandemic. (Source: Reuters)


But it is clear that <> people take the recommended precautions lightly to avoid being contaminated. When we see that people continue to go to the beach in groups, or rush to open markets, and other many non-important trips, it is because they have not understood the messages sent by the authorities. .

Some do not want to realize or do not realize that it is both for themselves and to protect their loved ones that these travel restriction measures have been announced. We have to take responsibility. To be a good citizen, that's it.

Unfortunately, we deplore the negligence, the lightness, the recklessness that we still see every day in our streets. Let's do a little reminder together.

What is the Coronavirus?

It is a highly contagious virus that can cause respiratory illnesses and infections in humans.

What are the symptoms ?

The most common symptoms are fever, fatigue, and a dry cough. But we can also have pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. It is also possible that someone does not have the symptoms. Almost 80% of those infected can be cured without special treatment (such as the flu or the common cold). But those who are elderly or who already have health problems are at higher risk of getting the more serious symptoms. If you have a breathing problem, you should see a doctor.

What are the protective measures?

Those who are not sick:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Limit visits to public places
  • Limit non-essential travel and avoid public means of transport (taxis and buses)
  • Do not cough into your hands (cough into your elbow, into a cloth, etc.)

For those who are sick, even potentially:

  • Stay at home for 14 days
  • Avoid contact with people, stay at least one meter away from others
  • If you think you need treatment, talk to a doctor before going to a health center.

Good hand washing practices

It is compulsory to wash your hands regularly and to demand it around you as much as possible since our enemy is manuported.

We can still contain this virus and avoid the tragedy that afflicts Europe, Asia and America. Let's also listen to reliable and official sources (WHO, Ministry of Health, etc.) in order to avoid misinformation and follow effective advice.

Let's be responsible, let's be good citizens!


Obed Kodjo


A curious, motivated and determined young leader, Obed Kodjo is an agronomist and blogger who is active in organizations that advocate the awareness and development of African youth. Innovation is his passion and for this he never ceases to cultivate himself in order to make a difference in his actions. He dreams of a conscious Africa that solves its problems on its own without outside help.

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  1. Djètovi
    23 March 2020

    Take the measure of each instruction and be disciplined. The safety of our households is at stake.


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