Winners of the CAEB / Fondation VALLET mathematics competition

Mathematics competition in Lokossa: the CAEB and the VALLET Foundation award the 12 winners

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''No matter how much time you spend doing math, it's never wasted time' dixit Cédric VILLANI, Fields Medal 2010. This quote illustrates very well the undeniable importance of an eternally universal science. Mathematics is today a less popular field of study because of an apparent difficulty relayed by thousands of learners. In this context, the Council of Educational Activities of Benin (CAEB) and the VALLET Foundation in France promote mathematics through a mathematics competition in several cities of Benin. This article presents the great adventure of this event in Lokossa, city of hope and excellence. Read instead!

Prize-giving ceremony for the mathematics competition: laureates and parents

Why a math competition?

Mathematics at the heart of the world

Mathematics has been, since time immemorial, the precious key to the development of the world, socio-economic booms and all industrial and digital revolutions. They are the open door to logic, creativity, inventions and others. No value creation is possible without an ounce of math. Giving learners a taste for mathematics from primary school is therefore an emergency in our education systems where courageous reforms are underway in our country.

CAEB Mathematics Competition / VALLET Foundation

An initiative of the CAEB / Fondation VALLET tandem

The CAEB being a major player in education in Benin, the initiation of this mathematics competition in partnership with the Vallet Foundation of France contributes to the collective effort to put science back at the heart of our schools. This competition has been organized in all regions of Benin in order to offer equal opportunities to our learners. The award ceremony for the winners of Lokossa took place today, January 16, 2020.

Parents and teachers

Before giving you the prize list, let's take a look at the progress of the mathematics competition in Lokossa.

How the competition works

The math competition took place in two main phases. Nearly 270 schoolchildren and pupils took part in the preselection phase on December 5, 2020. They come from classes of CM1 - CM2 - 4th - 3th - Seconde and Première and are the best in mathematics of about twenty schools in the city and its surroundings. About sixty learners were therefore selected and invited to the grand final on December 19. These two phases took place in the enclosure of the CAEB-Lokossa library under the supervision of the team of librarians.

Mathematics competition award ceremony participants

Following the final, twelve laureates were distinguished. They are presented in the section below.

Mathematics competition winners

Statistics by establishment

Eight (08) boys and four (04) girls, twelve (12) schoolchildren and students from five (05) public and private schools in Lokossa share the Holy Grail of mathematics. The Catholic Complex Saint Pierre-Claver de Lokossa takes first place with five (05) laureates. Follow the Julien Quenum School which delivers three (03) laureates and the CEG 4 Lokossa which presents two (02) laureates. The Mono-Couffo Young Girls High School and the Cours Privé la Réussite bring up the rear with only one winner each. The table below details the winners and the marks obtained.

Laureate receiving his prize
Laureate receiving his prize

Summary of winners

No.Last name and first namesSexLevelRankAverageschool
01ADOKPO ChristianeFCM11time20/20Julien Quenum / C
02ATCHAN F. Glorious EstherFCM12th18/20Julien Quenum / C
03TAMADAHO EmmanuelMCM21er18/20Julien Quenum / A
04KISSIRA NabilathFCM22th17/20Saint Pierre-Claver Catholic Complex
05HOUTCHOU N. MarianoMFourth1er19/20Saint Pierre-Claver Catholic Complex
06AIKOUN AlmelosMFourth2th16/20Private Course Success
07ARIF Faran A.MThird1er18/20Saint Pierre-Claver Catholic Complex
08HESSOU Grace PrincessFThird2th15/20Mono-Couffo School for Young Girls
09AMOUZOU A. BerlinoMSecond1er17/20CEG 4 Lokossa
10AKOUETE JustinMSecond2th15/20CEG 4 Lokossa
11TOWANOU Y. OliveMFirst1er17/20Saint Pierre-Claver Catholic Complex
12HOUNLETE K. RudolfMFirst2th16/20Saint Pierre-Claver Catholic Complex
Laureate receiving his prize
Laureate receiving his prize

Prizes offered to the winners of the mathematics competition

The different prices consist of the items below:

  • Two 10 inch x-tigi tablets;
  • Four new mountain bikes;
  • Mathematics books (the new champions in mathematics, Nectarielle Collection, CIAM, SONON Collection, TCHINKOUN Collection, Passion des maths Collection, etc.);
  • School supplies (diary, real designer, pens, pencils, etc.);
  • Mathematical instruments;
  • Trigonometric tables;
  • MILAN brand scientific calculators; and
  • Library subscription vouchers.
Mountain bikes offered to mathematics competition winners
Mountain bikes offered to the winners
10 inch tablets - math books and other lots
mathematical instruments, scientific calculators and other lots
Mathematical books, school supplies and other lots

Exhortation of the actors

Mr. Djètovi Lauréano BEDE, Head of CAEB-Lokossa

Various exhortation interventions were addressed to the recipients and others invited to the ceremony. In his words, the Head of the Library recognized the accuracy of this mathematics competition, a joint initiative of the CAEB and the VALLET Foundation, which he also thanked. Mr. Djètovi Lauréano BEDE also urged all the audience to visit the library which offers thousands of books to excel in almost all subjects including mathematics.

Djètovi BEDE, CAEB-Lokossa Manager

Mr. Gilles-Christ KANGNI, Ing. in Energy and Mathematics Teacher

In addition, Mr. Gilles-Christ KANGNI representing mathematics teachers recalled the importance of mathematics in the major sectors of life. For the one recognized by his peers as the pillar of excellence in Mono-Couffo, it is very good to do mathematics but it is even better to excel there because mathematics holds the world. He thus encouraged the winners and urged the learners to do more.

Professor Gilles-Christ KANGNI and Mr. Djètovi BEDE

Mr. ATCHAN Benoit, director of CEG ATCHANOU

Finally, on behalf of parents and school heads, Mr. ATCHAN Benoit, director of CEG ATCHANOU (municipality of Athiémè) invited parents to follow and guide learners on a daily basis. He also recognized the work that falls to teachers. The latter through their pedagogy will awaken the taste for mathematics and other sciences in their learners. He thus exhorted them to continue assiduously the mission which is devolved to them. Finally, he wanted this mathematics competition to be repeated every year.

Director Benoit ATCHAN presenting his award to Olive TOWANOU

M. TOWANOU Olive, student in Première C

I love math because this is it or it is not unlike other so-called literary subjects. '' Far from the chatter recognized in many fields, Olive re-explains in his own words the Boolean, precise and inescapable nature of mathematics. This math competition allowed him to gauge himself for bigger battles. Anyone who later wants to teach mathematics in universities has not failed to thank the CAEB and the VALLET Foundation for the initiative.

The correctors of the mathematics competition

To parry Galileo, man would get lost in an obscure labyrinth if he did not understand the language of mathematics. This mathematics competition organized by the CAEB and the VALLET Foundation undoubtedly contributes to dispel this obscurity. It will make it possible to give back more the taste of mathematics to Mono learners and to correct the false image of a difficult and repulsive subject. Bravo to CAEB and to the VALLET Foundation for this initiative to promote science in our country.

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Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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