Participatory bank of school examinations: More than 1,500 pages with free access


Exam success: YFC launches its participatory bank of school examinations

In order to help candidates for the various exams and competitions or anyone who wishes to maintain contact with academic concepts Youth For Challenge has made a compilation of tests for all learners in all subjects taught in primary, high schools and colleges. All of these resources are available free of charge for viewing on the site or downloading. This article gives you a detailed overview of the participatory bank of school examinations launched by Youth For Challenge in June 2020. So read until the end.

Why should we choose our proof bank?

Save time for almost unlimited resources

Like many other socio-educational organizations and structures, Youth For Challenge decided to help learners by making the tests available online. But what makes Youth For Challenge unique is that once on our website, you have in a few clicks dozens of compilations of several tests.

This saves you the many peregrinations to come and download a test each time. As a result, you save precious time with our participatory bank of school examinations.

Typical tests offered by qualified teachers

It should be noted that the tests on our site come from eminent teachers whose experience and especially competence in the Beninese education system are well established. The credibility of these events is therefore not in doubt.

Because of these important aspects, we are sure that they will be of great use to the candidates for their revisions before the various controls or even exams. The quality of the measuring instruments available on our educational platform guarantees you a good experience.

What types of proofs can you download from our site? 

You will find many types of proofs on our site. These include:

  • homework ;
  • tutorials ;
  • mock exams in various high schools and colleges in Benin;
  • tests of the previous final exams.

What are the subjects concerned?

For its launch, Youth For Challenge's participatory bank of school examinations focused on exams for the Primary School Certificate (CEP), the Brevet d'Etude du Premier Cycle (BEPC) and the Baccalaureate.

CEP tests

CEP subjects

The materials selected for the Primary Study Certificate exams are :

  • Social Education;
  • Scientific and Technological Education;
  • Reading ;
  • Dictation;
  • Written expression ;
  • Mathematics.
BEPC tests

The materials of BEPC

About the BEPC, you can download free proofs from:

  • Mathematics;
  • Physics, Chemistry and Technology;
  • Life and earth sciences ;
  • History and Geography ;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Spanish;
  • Written communication ;
  • Reading.
bac test
BAC tests

The materials of BAC

As to Baccalaureate exams, the subjects concerned are as follows:

  • Mathematics;
  • Physics, Chemistry and Technology;
  • Life and earth sciences ;
  • History and Geography ;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Spanish;
  • Philosophy ;
  • French composition;
  • Economy.

How to contribute to the proof bank?

Our vision is to constitute the most important participatory bank of school examinations. Wherever you are, you can help us realize this vision. We give you the opportunity to share your resources with millions of African learners.

If you would like to participate in this process, contact us directly via our site or leave us a message in comment and we will contact you. We will make it our duty to update the participatory bank of school examinations with all the resources offered every fortnight in order to help the most learners in need.

Here ! You now have all the information to take advantage of the Youth For Challenge participatory bank of school events free of charge. Access in one click to hundreds of tests to better prepare for your school exams. Share the various links with your friends and invite them to seize this opportunity. Do not forget to leave your comments during your visit. We hope you find these resources of great use.

Useful links : BAC Office, EResults platform

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