Valuing yourself to succeed

Succeed in life: 01 simple strategy to get there


Succeeding remains a human and legitimate wish in many ways. Young people, we are in a perpetual market on a daily basis, one day a seller, another buyer. But very often there are very few buyers for a multitude of sellers (including you). In economic theory, it has a name: an oligopsony. Back to our market. What is exchanged? You know that, don't you? Whether we are a seller or a buyer, this market which comes alive every day revolves around skills, personalities, creativity, aptitudes, added value. How to promote yourself and succeed in such a market? We talk about it in the rest of this article.

School, this tote that trains us

Why did your parents pay with their blood for years of studies and / or qualifying training? The idea is to give you the exceptional chance to enter this market with a certain added value. Now, did you notice that you were in all your classes a herd of hundreds or even thousands of heads? Yes ! And that's where it all plays out. We will assume ceteris paribus that the training is good and appropriate (more on this!). How to stand out and succeed in this market?

First, start by forgetting the idea that the school trained you to be successful in this market. The school gives you the basics, the foundations. Tell me, what are the foundations for? To lift its construction is not it? You have understood the first step. Then add a stone to your foundation every day. Stones are everywhere. And on these stones, you will build your life.

Some precious stones to create value

To succeed
Look for skills and experiences to empower yourself and succeed

New knowledge and skills, soft skills, an improved personality, a broad general culture, leadership at the service of his community, an overall vision, short, medium and long term objectives, compass values, etc. You can now continue the list. Where are you going to find it all?

Well! The company is a mine. And when you are not sleeping, you will see the gold in it. Look around you. Cover yourself with humility and learn from others. Otherwise books (which you might not like!) Are helpful. Or GETA (Google Est Ton Ami). What can't you discover and learn through Google? Don't just search: "How to become an expert in bed?" ". There are better things to know.

Sell your assets and succeed

Once you've managed to stock up on capital gains, you'll need to let buyers know and set yourself apart. How to sell your assets to succeed in life? We will answer them in our next post. In the meantime, know that to earn the respect of others (and therefore the market), you must have sought-after value. We are not here to motivate you. Our vision is to contribute to your education differently. Your opinions interest us in the comments.

Djetovi Lauréano BEDE

Lauréano BEDE is an agricultural engineer, social entrepreneur and passionate about education and civic leadership.

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